Target acquired...;Evaluating core components...;LoveBug successfully initialized.;Installing...;System-wide infection complete.

About LoveBug

Lifeform Optimized for Violence, Efficient Battle, and Ultimate Gratification.

Category: Virus

Description: This program is dangerous and replicates by infecting other files.

Signs of infection include:

  • Music under 150 bpm feels unreasonably slow.
  • Asking people if they're infected doesn't seem creepy to you.
  • You're offended by the term "lovebug" being used casually.

Recommended action: None. You are already infected.

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Emotional Homicide

Emotional Homicide

March, 2024

I have to build you up before I can break you down.

Electronic Harassment

Electronic Harassment

May, 2015

This is the last live DJ set I played in 2015 at a show called Robogirls. The live set wasn't recorded, so I decided to record it for everyone to enjoy, and release it as a mix called Electronic Harassment. Anyone who knows what that image is about will understand what it really means. Don't worry, I didn't actually do that to the mixer. 😉

Go Viral

Go Viral

July, 2015 (recorded July, 2011)

Live set from Too Addicted, all the way back in July of 2011, with Sharkey as the MC near the end. This was recorded at the source, so there isn't any crowd noise in the background.

The Gum Wall

The Gum Wall

February, 2014

This is a very special hardcore mix I did for Valentine's Day last year as a Facebook exclusive. Well, happy Valentine's Day, now it's here.


1. Uplift & Sc@r - Your Destiny (Intro Mix)
2. Ian K - Out Of The Sky
3. Inverse & Orbit1 - Welcome 2 Tomorrow
4. Nu Foundation - What Did You Say
5. Rhianna vs Technikore - Unfaithful
6. Inverse & Orbit1 - Don't Give Up
7. Cascada - What Hurts The Most (Al Storm Remix)
8. A.B. & Amplitude - Thinking Machine (The Dubstep Machine Edit)
9. Ham & DNA - About U 09
10. Heaven 7 - Dance With Me (Joey Riot & Paul F's Lethal Remix)
11. Orbit1 - Jitter 0.5
12. Andy Whitby - Audio Hedz - Rokk Ya Body (Gammer Remix)
13. Petruccio & Modulate - Wet Knickers
14. S3rl - MCT
15. South Park feat. Stan Marsh - Pretty F'd Up
16. Kurt vs Altered State - Talk To Andy
17. JAKAZiD - Donk Español

Source Code

Source Code

May, 2011

Yes, there's a track list. You just have to be *smart* enough to find it ;)

This is a mix I did almost a year ago but never recorded. Then last week happened.

I did this one for me. I needed to return to hard trance more than I could ever explain. This mix is about re-visiting the place I started, and remembering who I am inside. There is a lot of emotion that went into it. This is my release. This is my source.

Yes, the tracks are old. Some are older than others...

...and yes, I'm a big fan of Technikal.

That spells Tigger!


That spells Tigger!

February, 2010

Before there was Donk, before there was Scouse, when Hard Dance came unto its own, there arose a sub-genre of Hard House, classified by an off-beat "klubb" bassline that bounced along a piano roll instead of being flat and monotone. This is the original Donk. This is BOUNCE!

This was a CD release for Bounce Again, a Nu Breed event on Feb. 20th, 2010.

I am super, duper, serial.

Super Serial

November, 2009

Hint: SUBS ON!

If you're looking for something harder, this is it. This is hard bass madness. Dark, evil, and super, duper, serial. This is Russian Donk.




June, 2009

Those lasers are ridiculous.

The music is reDONKulous.

Just listen, you'll catch on.

Shift 2: Improbability Drive.

Shift 2 Improbability Drive

January, 2009

The probability of me doing two mixes within a week of each other was so great, that I had to engage the improbability drive.



January, 2009

Shifting to another gear. It's time to go for a ride!

Where's the line anymore?

The Hard Line

June, 2008

Sometimes... you just gotta cross the line.

Are you infected?

Infected With A Virus

February, 2008

This is LoveBug. It's a virus you can't get rid of.



November, 2007

What a rush!

EVOL backwards is LOVE


July, 2007

If, at the beginning of this, you're scratching your head and saying, "WTF..." then you need to hit pause or stop or whatever, and watch the movie Evolution (2001, David Duchovny, Julianne Moore, Orlando Jones, Sean William Scott).

Not because the random sample will make more sense if you do, it's just a great movie and I think you should watch it.

You can thank me later.


Run Away

October, 2006

Just in time for Halloween. Soft into evil.

Don't run.


May, 2006

The first demo I ever handed out. You have to walk before you can run.